Quality cars for everyone

We firmly believe that everyone should have access to quality vehicles. That's why we offer competitive car financing through quality providers, so you don't have to worry about the finer details of owning a vehicle.

Affordable deals for everyone

We offer competitive pricing and financing through Oxford Finance, Finance Now and Kiwi Car Loans and CF2U now too - so whatever your budget, we have a car for you!

Available Providers

Oxford Finance

New Zealand owned and operated and have been lending to Kiwis for over 25 years.

Offer the best financial solutions to suit your needs. Their philosophy is to keep things as simple and affordable as possible – your finance, your way.

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Finance Now

Finance Now is locally owned and operated company and have helped over 530,000 Kiwis just like you.

A Finance Now personal loan can get you into the vehicle you need now!

Car loan financing is really easy with Finance Now. Because you can apply online, it’s straightforward and quick.

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Kiwi Car Loans

Kiwi Car Loans is the home of great rate finance approvals. They work with some of New Zealand’s most reputable lenders to bring you fast finance approvals to suit your requirements.

Can organise approvals and pre-approvals on your chosen vehicle.

Apply Now at Kiwi Car Loans.

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Repayment amount is based on a fixed annual interest rate of 9.95% and is a guide only. Actual interest rates may be higher or lower (please see our range of Interest Rates). You will be charged an Application Fee of $200 and an Account Maintenance Fee of $4 per month. Other charges may apply as set out in the providers Schedule of Fees. The above calculation is an estimate only and the rates you are offered upon successful application are subject to Terms & Conditions and lending criteria.

If a vehicle, or vehicles, are purchased for less than the listed or advertised price, any add-ons mentioned in the listing or advertisement may not be included with the purchase of the vehicle, or vehicles.