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You-Cars Limited strives to continually position it’s Customers first.

In-line with Covid-19, strategies have been implemented, to make your purchasing process both seamless and efficient.

As a potential buyer and customer, experience even more newfound Freedom. Now possible through our Financial Service Providers.

How are we achieving this?

    Auto Approvals

    The first week of Level 3 has provided financial providers with insights and solutions into applicant profiles.

    As a result of this review and anticipating a move to Alert Level 2, Auto Approvals will be reinstated, from Friday 8th May.

    All Auto Approved applications will be approved subject to confirmation of income:

    • Last 2 payslips (no greater than 30 days old)
    • 3 months bank statements
    • Depending on industry type or any discrepancies in your income verified, additional due diligence may be required for the financial provider, such as confirmation of permanent employment for those impacted by COVID-19.
    • Note: If no income confirmation is received the application cannot progress to Payout/Purchasing

    Contactless Delivery

    Now in the position to fully support more contactless transactions with electronic Disclosure, Authorisation of Agreements and Electronic ID Verification. The use of Electronic Authorisation of the Loan Agreement, Direct Debit Authority & Disclosure Statements in conjunction with new Biometrics Tools completes all identification and disclosure requirements electronically. These initiatives will benefit you in the following scenarios:

    • Contactless Delivery
    • Enable out of town buyers to complete the entire process without the need to visit the You Cars Dealership
    • Allowing MV Support to request Biometric Verification if the ID provided hasn't electronically verified or has been incorrectly entered, in speeding up the process and therefore application 

    Electronic Authorisation

    Electronic Authorisation involves dual factor authentication and is completely paperless. Customers can view disclosure documents on their device or in the comfort of their home, contracts are signed digitally via a text authorisation code with no requirement to sign the agreements, as an email will be sent to you with copies prior to authorisation and then post authorisation.


    This step requires MV Support to push out an ID verification link to the customer via text message. By clicking on the link provided, the customer activates the web portal on their device (no need to download any apps) to start the process which takes about 3 minutes. The process includes taking a photo of your Passport or ID (front & back), and then a short video following prompts to allow verification of likeliness between the ID provided and the customer captured in the short video. 

    We trust this has been both informative and beneficial to you. We look forward to this new normal future and customer service-centric platform.

    Quinton Miller

    Director (You-Cars Ltd).

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