You-Cars Ltd.  Safety Plan at Covid-19 - Level 2.

This plan is based around the following criteria:


Workplaces can only open if:

  1. Workers cannot work from home, and
  2. Workplaces are operating safely, and
  3. Customers are not allowed on premises, and
  4. Businesses can trade without physical contact with customers (e.g. through phone/online orders, delivery, pick-up and drive-through).


In order for You-Cars Ltd. to comply with the above the following actions have been implemented:

  1. The Car Yard and Workshop require the owner (Quinton Miller) to be on-site to operate the business. There are no other employees at You-Cars Ltd.
  2. The criteria for “Operating Safety” are outlined below – Covid-19 signs (as issued by MTA) are prominently displayed
  3. Customer requirements are received through phone calls, emails and social media. The Customer is allowed to view the vehicle in the open air.  When a customer requests to Test Drive a vehicle, the procedure below outlines the process
  4. There is no physical contact. At all times Quinton Miller will be at least 2 meters social distancing from a customer.  The office has been set up so that the customer is at least 2 metres away from Quinton Miller


Initial contact and ongoing discussions

  • Customers will either contact Quinton Miller through phone calls, emails , social media or arriving onto the Car Yard
  • When arriving onto the Car Yard the customer will be required to give their name and contact phone number. This will be recorded in the Visitor’s logbook by Quinton Miller.
  • The Customer will be issued and required to wear with a pair of disposable gloves (from the stand provided) so that they can open the vehicle door for vehicle inspection (the 2 metre social distancing between the customer and Quinton Miller is enforced)
  • The Customer is restricted to view the vehicles in the open air Car Yard.
  • All written communication will be via email
  • At all time the 2 metre + social distancing will be observed


Operating Safely requirements for Quinton Miller

  • Regularly disinfect surfaces
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and regularly
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if you have flu like symptoms – call your GP or Healthline
  • Continue to seek primary medical care.


Procedure to Test Drive a vehicle

  • The customer supplies the required personal information to Quinton Miller
  • A time to Test Drive the vehicle is agreed
  • All operating surfaces of the vehicle are disinfected by Quinton Miller wearing disposable gloves – from the furthest part to the driver’s door
  • The following items are cleaned:
    • Steering wheel
    • Dash
    • Armrests
    • Console
    • Seat adjusters
    • Gear shifter
    • Rear vision mirror
    • Cup holders
    • Doors
    • Handles, etc
  • A disposable seat protector is placed onto the seat
  • Quinton Miller enters the vehicle and drives it to the exit of You-Cars Ltd. – the car will be left running and the driver’s door left open
  • The disposable gloves are discarded into the waste bin
  • After the Test Drive, the customer leaves the vehicle running in front of the office and, leaving the driver’s door open, steps away at least 2 metres
  • Quinton Miller (wearing disposable gloves) disinfects all the operating surfaces (see above) and returns the vehicle to the compound
  • Disposable gloves are discarded into the waste bin
  • If the Customer wants to purchase, we have Eftpos, bank transfer available for payment
  • All paperwork will be signed wearing disposable gloves


Quinton Miller

Director (You-Cars Ltd.)